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Israeli House, Mission and Goals

Israeli House was opened in Tbilisi on November 2, 2013. Opening of the Israeli House was attended by the members of the Israel and Georgian Governments.


The House was opened by the auspices of the Israeli Knesset, and founded by Mr. Istik Moshe (the first representative of the World Jewish Agency “Sokhnut” in 1990-s when the “Great Aliyah" started from the post-soviet countries).

The Israeli House is Mr. Itsik Moshe’s new initiation. Its goal is to achieve solidarity by public diplomacy (Hasbara) and enhance the cooperation between Israel and friendly states (among them Georgia), as well as to create positive image of Israel by open disclosure of the Israeli Government’s policies; The aim is to establish 100 representations centers of Hasbara around the globe after completing the pilot activities in Georgia.

At the Israeli House, lectures on topics related to Israel are conducted regularly; meetings, exhibitions, presentations, and introductory seminars about achievements of Israel in various spheres – cultural, economic, business, medicine, new technologies, political life, and so on, are organized.

Another goal is to promote Jewish Heritage in Georgia, since it has a crucial importance in the relations between Georgia, Israel and the World Jewry.

Israeli House is member of European Alliance for Israeli (EAI) and The European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ), which is working under the auspices of Council of Europe.

Info about Itsik Moshe, Chairman of Israeli House from Wikipedia

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