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בתביליסי קיימים התנאים לקיום כנסים בינ"ל Tbilisi All Set to Host Int’l Forums

Hilik Bar: Tbilisi All Set to Host Int’l Forums By Nia Pataraia

The Deputy speaker of the Israel Knesset and the head of the Israel-Georgia Parliamentary Friendship Group shared Hilik Bar’s opinion about Tbilisi as the best place for conducting forums related to peace and others of the world’s most popular topics. Hilik Bar plays a major role as a lobbyist for Georgia in the Foreign Policy of Israel. As the deputy speaker stated, Tbilisi could become a heart of numerous meetings of a variety of format. In terms of development, he said, “here are all the necessary conditions.”

The Knesset Deputy Speaker noted that the very same high-class meetings related to global issues which are held in Europe and elsewhere around the globe could be conducted in Tbilisi. “This will help to underline importance of Georgia throughout international policy.”

With the support of the Israeli Embassy in Georgia and the Georgian Embassy in Israel, Hilik Bar plans to organize events related to Israel in Georgia. Forums on a variety of international matters will be held with the participation of “Israeli House” thanks to its experience and expertise.

Hilik Bar, who has just returned from the US, suggested the representatives of international Jewish organizations Tbilisi to become the center of all meetings for as opposed to other capital cities of Europe.

The Israeli delegation currently working in Tbilisi is holding meetings with Knesset members and experts in an informal environment with British analysts on various issues. The Israeli representative delegation is headed by Hilik Bar.

The founder and chairman of the “Israeli House," Itsik Moshe, notes that "Israeli House," with Knesset members, has reached a point where at the end of the year, all events which are planned together with European organizations, will move to Tbilisi.


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