The first group of the European Route of the Jewish Cultural Heritage visited Lailashi

Village Lailashi, Tsageri Municipality hosted the first group of tourists from Israel, within the framework of the European Route of the Jewish Cultural Heritage. The group consisted of Yossi Hamami, Deputy Mayor of Israeli city Rishon Lezion, Elly Katab, Itsik Moshe, Founder of "Israeli House" and Itskhak Tetruashvili, the descendant of Zonenashvili brothers from Lailashi, who were killed in the World War II. The touristic group visited Lailashi Synagogue first. The Synagogue does not function currently because the village was left by the Jews at the end of the last century, upon the beginning of Aliyah. The visitors from Israel promised that they will provide the Bible and other ritualisti

Arabic-Jewish Competition on Geo Market Increasing Investments

Mere days have passed since the Chamber of Business announced the increasing interest of businessmen from the world’s Jewish community in Georgia’s hotel sector, and now a real estate agency has added to the great news by claiming that the data of recent years shows a much larger volume of investment is also coming from Arabic countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.), as well as from Arabs living in Israel. Arabic investments are made in Tbilisi and Georgian regions for the construction of fashionable villas. Thus, representatives of large investment groups are visiting Georgia on a weekly basis. Notably, hotel Millennium Biltmore was an investment of $140 million. Owner of the hot

Georgian Tourism Industry Becoming Interesting for Jews Worldwide

Interview We spoke to Itsik Moshe, the President of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business, about the Georgian tourism sector and the growing interest of the Jewish community in visiting the country. “Positive shifts can be observed in many directions,” Moshe tells us. “The following data is particularly interesting: firstly, there is a 55 percent increase in the number tourists from Israel compared to 2016 and a 43.6 percent increase only in the first half of 2017. The number of direct flights from Israel exceeds 80 per month in summer and the data only of June 2017 suggests that there is already a 37 percent increase in this direction as well. The number of airlines operating in the Georgi

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