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Status: Cooperation with GIL/EAI

Israeli House Switzerland


Swiss House of Representatives does not want to recognise Palestine as a state

The Swiss House of Representatives does not want to recognise Palestine as an independent state. On Tuesday, it rejected a corresponding motion from the ranks of the Social Democratic Party. The matter is therefore off the table.


A conversation with Joel Herzog

Joel serves as the current president of Yad Vashem Switzerland and Association Switzerland-Israel, Geneva Section, and the Committee for the Organization of Yom Hashoah. In addition to this, he is a current board member of Global Israeli Leadership, as well as The Religious and Cultural Center of Hekal Haness.


Thanks for boycotting the Durban conference 2021

The European Alliance for Israel (EAI) thanks all countries that did not participate in the UN World Conference against Racism (WCAR) 2021, also known as ‘Durban IV’. Despite its name and ostensibly positive remit, the conference has been, since its earliest staging, primarily an instrument to foment, institutionalize and legitimize hatred against Israel.


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