Following Irakli Kobakhidze’s Visit, Israel Starts Cooperation Series with Georgia

Chairperson of Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze met the President of Israel and Speaker of the Knesset in October this year. The visit held in Israel was an important step towards strengthening cooperation between Israel and Georgia.

Tbilisi is to now host two delegations from Israel on December 14, led by the Georgia-Israeli Chamber of Business and ‘Israeli House’ . Members of the delegation are Georgian partnership group deputies, business circles, analysts and leading mass media journalists from Israel. The visit is organized by ‘Israeli House’ and aims to popularize Georgia and endorse bilateral ties between the two nations. The main issues of the meeting are to be hasbara, education and youth.

The Israeli delegation will visit a Georgian Parliament Library exhibition, which is also organized by ‘Israeli House,’ attend the opening of the first Hebrew Library in Georgia and enjoy a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony, which will be followed by a concert of Jewish songs sung by Georgian singers.

Library ‘Sarah’s fund,’ in cooperation with ‘Israeli House,’ has already bought several hundred books in Hebrew, English and Russian. The main theme of the literature in the library is Israel: from ancient to modern history, Zionism, Judaism, Theology, Foreign Affairs of Israel, and high school and university material for learning Ivrit. Around 500 books will be added later. It is also part of the agreement to create a Georgian Library in Israel.

Following Irakli Kobakhidze’s Visit, Israel Starts Cooperation Series with Georgia Agreements between Israel and Georgia will also be signed in the National Library. The delegation will meet the Chairperson of Parliament of Georgia.

On December 17, some members of the delegation will attend the opening of the construction of a new modern hotel which is made up of art galleries, cafes and a facade decorated as a Georgian ornamented carpet.

The net worth of said construction project is $12 million and through it Tbilisi will have a high class hotel in a historical district. ‘Israeli House’ Founder and Chair, Itsik Moshe, believes that this occasion has tremendous importance in the History of Georgia-Israeli partnership. “We are summing up the last 25 years and planning future connections in numerous spheres,” he said. “Israeli House is actively working on giving a realistic idea of Israel to Georgian society. We aim to improve awareness and I believe that our partnership will be productive in various directions and, first of all, in mutual understanding, economic ties and sharing best experiences”.

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