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News from the AEPJ General Assembly 2022

The AEPJ General Assembly in Hanover, Germany, concluded on Sunday 12 June. From Thursday afternoon until Sunday noon, representatives of AEPJ member institutions shared a packed programme of activities and working sessions. These included study visits of the Jewish heritage of Hanover, workshops on sustainability and tourism, as well as a very touching visit to the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. On Sunday morning, the General Assembly meeting was held in a hybrid format, in person and online.

The Assembly programme was organised by Global Partnership Hannover, with the invaluable help of its CEO, Anke Biedenkapp, who served as a perfect host. We would like to thank Anke for all her work, both within the framework of the Assembly, as well as in the development of the Jewish Heritage Route in Lower Saxony. The AEPJ has not been able to hold its General Assembly in person for two years, and it was a great pleasure to meet again and to get to know the representatives of the institutions that joined the network at the end of last year. The AEPJ network continues to grow and we experienced very exciting moments that allow us to be very optimistic about the future.

In this sense, at the Assembly meeting, important decisions were taken, such as the renewal of the statutes of the Association that allow us to adapt them to the current reality of the network, as well as the vote for the new Board, where most of the institutions of the previous Board are repeating, with the addition of several new institutions. Thus, the new AEPJ Board will be composed of the following institutions:

  • Bnai Brith Europe (Belgium)

  • Kiriaty Foundation (Israel)

  • Patronat Call Girona (Spain)

  • Tarbut Foundation (Romania)

  • Israeli House (Georgia)

  • UCEI (Italy)

  • JECPJ-France

  • Diputació de Lleida (Spain)

In addition to different individual members, to repeat mandate on the Board.

An important change in the team was also announced. After three years as project manager of the European Route of Jewish Heritage, Federica Pastoret is stepping down as project manager, in order to devote herself entirely to her educational work in Italy. From this month, she will be replaced by Marc Francesch Camps, who will take the reins of this great project, the European Route of Jewish Heritage, with the aim of taking it to the next level of development and impact. We are deeply grateful for the dedication, professionalism and tireless work of Federica, with whom we will remain in contact, leaving the door open for future collaborations. We also welcome Marc, and wish him every success in his new role. In the coming weeks, Marc will take over and will begin a round of contacts with all the members of the AEPJ.

We thus open a new stage in the history of the Association, which will allow us to continue thinking big, joining forces to strengthen the promotion of Jewish heritage through the development of the European Days of Jewish Culture, and the European Route of Jewish Heritage, certified by the Council of Europe.


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