The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel – Number One Attraction in the Region

The historical district of Tbilisi, where the first arrangement of the city took place centuries ago, is now known as Abanotubani and is the number one tourist and cultural attraction of the capital. A premium class facility will be added to this area soon.

According to the world practice, the historical districts of the old cities are, first of all, an integral part of the cultural heritage economy and serve as a tourist or elite service. The facility being built by the company “MCI Project” in Abanotubani, Mirza Shafi Street, with its neo-traditionalist architectural features, design and, most importantly, function, will be inscribed in the cultural heritage environment of Old Tbilisi as a unique cultural and architectural artifact.

Abanotubani is distinguished by its natural landscape. On top of the historical sulfur baths, from the settlement on the mountain ridge, you can see almost the whole Tbilisi, the River Mtkvari, the popular historical fortress Narikala, the Peace Bridge, the Botanical Garden, the new districts of the capital, the evergreen peak of the Caucasus Mountain Glacier. The district preserves a unique historical, ethnographic and cultural heritage that has been shaped over the centuries thanks to geopolitical, ethnic and natural factors. An organic part of this palette of diversity becomes the facility under construction by “MCI Project” The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel,” a project that combines urban, tourist, cultural and financial benefits for the capital.

The company has a special responsibility for the development of the historic district of Tbilisi. That is why the process of obtaining a permit for a high-class building on Mirza Shafi Street took almost 10 years. The project has passed into the hands of a number of relevant agencies and specialists in various fields. The company took note of all their remarks and obtained a construction permit. The mentioned building is completely adapted to the landscape of the historical district of Tbilisi and meets all the development criteria.

“Every city, including historical ones, has a dynamic structure and is developing. The project implemented on Mirza Shafi Street is the right response and echo to the new rhythm of city life. It was a good example of close cooperation between our company and the authorities,” says Itsik Moshe, Managing Partner of the Project.

In the area where a high-class hotel is currently under construction, there were 2-3-storey barracks-type buildings built 25-30 years ago, which the company purchased from the locals. A 2-3-storey building with a recreation area is also planned on the site of the barracks, organically merging with the unique environment of the district, including the parallel historic street – Baazov Ascent. Itsik Moshe says that like Mirza Shafi Street, the construction on Baazov Street should be of high architectural quality. Since the old district means diversity, the company, as always, is ready to ensure the harmonious coexistence of old and new in this diversity.

Replacing the already depreciated barrack buildings between Mirza Shafi and Baazov streets and unsuitable for the capital’s main tourist area with a modern facility is nothing more than restoring natural function to the precinct. It is known from world experience that in revitalized – renovated and functional areas – such facilities form a kind of center of attraction, the image of the district / city, and most importantly, become the leading driving force of the cultural heritage economy. In the international arena, Georgia’s political, business or tourist image has shown that the country is becoming more and more attractive to the financially affluent high segment. Their choice is, as a rule, The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel category hotels. According to the project owners, The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel is unrivaled in the South Caucasus and given many parameters, the project has the ambition and potential to be on the list of elite facilities.

The hotel combines 100 rooms, three unique café-restaurants, spa which overlooks Tbilisi and a presidential suite designed to Israel’s high standards of security.

On October 30, at the Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi, the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and the Israeli House organized the Israel-Georgia Business Forum, where the entry of WYNDHAM leader, exclusive and leading brand REGISTRY COLLECTION into Georgia and the construction of 3 hotels was signed with the international management. The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel is one of them, which is under construction in Abanotubani. The project is supported by TBC Bank, a bank with extensive experience working with Israeli companies.

The business forum was attended by 120 guests from Israel, including parliamentarians, businessmen and potential investors.

According to Sergey Egorov, WYNDHAM Development Director, the ART Tbilisi Hotel Licensing Agreement was signed at the business forum, namely for the Registry Collection brand, which is a top brand in the WYNDHAM portfolio in the 5+ Collection category.

“We announced our strategic partnership. It was a unique opportunity to tell publicly about our agreement. The signature serves to strengthen our business ties and our intention to build a hotel in a unique place in old Tbilisi,” said Sergey Egorov.

According to him, the area where The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel is built is the heart of Tbilisi, with its historical and cultural features, is a top location for the hotel. Building a hotel in this area is a privilege and a great responsibility not to disrupt the architectural ensemble of the neighborhood.

One of the heads of WYNDHAM also emphasizes the business and trusting relationship with the hotel owners and says he is proud of this partnership.

“These are extraordinary, outstanding people. We had a special relationship with Itsik Moshe. These people sincerely love Georgia and do a lot for it, develop the tourism market, make investments, take real steps,” said Sergei Egorov.

Speaking about the importance of the hotel for Georgia, the representative of WYNDHAM says that this facility will be the leading top facility in the region. This means for Georgia, first of all, prestige, it will attract highly solvent people, investors. In addition, this facility is a new, innovative and technological project that will take the Georgian hotel sector to a high level.

It should be noted that the exhibition dedicated to COLLECTION’s entry into Georgia was opened during the business forum and the Israeli House, together with The European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ) and 7 member countries, dedicated it to the cultural heritage.

It is already known that the management of The ART Tbilisi a Registry Collection Hotel will be headed by a staff invited from abroad, while the top managers will be trained in the world’s leading 5-star hotels. In the coming days, a group of Italian designers will visit Tbilisi to work on the design of the hotel and guide its execution process.


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