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המולדת חשובה מכל וכל השאר הוא השאר

ISRAEL, the heart of it all. The rest, is the rest



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Israeli House in Countries

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Israeli House

"Israeli House NET" represents a new methodology in public diplomacy (hasbara) that enables optimal and effective hasbara and the means of building bilateral bridges.

The idea arose in 2012 due to the attitude towards Israel in the United Nations by its founder, Itsik Moshe, who was the first representative of the Jewish Agency in the USSR.

It was decided to create a pilot plan in Georgia with the participation of Israeli parliamentarians, public opinion leaders and international organizations. After the pilot plan, the goal is to establish a hundred representative offices, the ideological spirit of which will come from Jerusalem, without financial support from the Israeli government.

To implement all this, the Israeli House cooperates with: WZO, EAI, GIL & AEPJ under auspices of the Council of Europe.

Although the central idea of ​​the Israeli House is to represent the real Israel, the hasbara, the pilot project showed us that the representation of the real Israel made it easier for other countries to establish bilateral ties.



Find out about the news about the ISRAEL-HAMAS war

If you are part of humanity and you have humanity, be on Israel's side

Georgia, Israel, World Jewry – 35 Years Since the Beginning of Relations

A delegation led by the head of the friendship group of the Israeli parliament and the chairman of the Knesset economy committee is to visit Georgia.
The delegation will be hosted by the “Israeli House” and the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business.

Anti-Semitism and the law against anti-Semitism

According to the German legislation, Nazi's propaganda and sharing the ideology of Fascism is punishable. Even posting and sharing it on social media provides appropriate sanctions. Germany condemns hate speeches, in which antisemitic ideology can be implied. 

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