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Israeli House Sri Lanka

Status: Cooperation 

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Holy Land of Opportunity

Israel is famously known as the start-up nation but did you know that it is also a huge job creator? Even in the middle of war, the Jewish State is opening up thousands of opportunities across many sectors for migrant workers from developing countries.


The rouge state of “Ayatollahland”

As Purim draws close we Jews reflect on our sojourn in the great land of Persia; how Queen Hadassah (Esther) saved us from genocide and how King Kurus (Cyrus the Great) ended our long exile and let us return to our homeland.

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Sri Lanka agrees to send 10,000 farm workers to Israel

Israel and Sri Lanka have signed an agreement, which will allow Israel to immediately hire 10,000 Sri Lankan farm workers, according to Globes, Israel business news.

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History of Crypto Jews and their possible presence in Sri Lanka

The term ‘Crypto Jew’ started making traction in 2015 when Portugal and Spain declared that descendants of Conversos (Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism) will be given citizenship if they can prove they are of Jewish ancestry. 

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De Worms brothers: Pioneers of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea; Sri Lanka’s greatest export and greatest gift to the world was introduced by enterprising trio
of Jewish brothers.

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Anne Ranasinghe: a truly “Sri Lankan” Jew

There is no one that epitomises the term ‘Sri Lankan Jew’ more than the Island’s national poetess Anne

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Looking for Sri Lanka’s Jewishness

The words ‘Jew’ and ‘Sri Lanka’ sound worlds apart. One is an exotic island in the Indian Ocean
and the other are a Semetic people whose history focused in the Europe, Africa and the Middle


High-level Israeli delegation and EDB discuss avenues to promote bilateral trade

An official delegation from Israel met the senior Export Development Board (EDB) officials recently and had a fruitful discussion to explore avenues to promote trade and economic cooperation between Israel and Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka seeks to expedite Israel–India projects in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka decided to expedite the proposed projects under trilateral cooperation among Israel, India and Sri Lanka, a Minister said.


Petition regarding 09 May incidents withdrawn

Subsequent to the violence that took place 09 May, 39 politicians including MPs and Ministers filed a petition against the IGP, the General Shavendra Silva and several others for failure to respond to the 09 May (2022) incident. 


Israel-Sri Lanka solidarity event rekindles forgotten ties

The Israel Sri Lanka Solidarity Movement (ISSOM) on Sunday organised an event on 14 May at Vihara Maha Devi Open Air Theatre to mark the 75 years since the Jewish State’s establishment. The event was attended by a crowd of around 2,000 who expressed solidarity with Israel.


מדהים: כאלף איש בסרי לנקה שרו "התקווה"

לצד דגלי ישראל ודגלי סרי לנקה, בטקס מיוחד הושמעה שירת התקווה בטקס משותף לציון 75 לשתי המדינות.

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פגישה עם שר החוץ בהודו

נציג ארגון ההסברה "בית ישראל בסרי לנקה", למואל מלמד, פגש את שר החוץ אלי כהן ושוחח איתו על פעילות הנציגות.
השיחה התקיימה במסגרת הכנס, לאחר פגישת אלי כהן עם ראש ממשלת הודו נרנדרה מודי, ידיד אמת של ישראל.


The 10th branch of the “Israeli House NET” in Sri Lanka

Recently, the negotiations ended in Sri Lanka and it was decided that the "Israeli House" will open a representative office in the country, which will be headed by Lemuel Melamed.


A silver bullet against the mosquito-borne menace?

Since Sri Lanka reported its first cases of dengue in the early 60s, the country suffered periodic outbreaks of the disease which had since become endemic to the island.

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